Brian Kraichely


BRIAN KRAICHELY: Wisdom/Entrepreneur Workshops

Brian Kraichely is a successful entrepreneur with ventures and careers in restaurant management, sales, real estate and construction before his “awakening” at age forty-three. Brian’s real world experience combined with decades of personal development and what he has learned in his nine years of service at the School of Metaphysics  ( provide a solid foundation on which to help others in a meaningful way. Brian served as a Director, Area director and teacher of advanced classes before recently graduating from the School of Metaphysics with this Doctorate of Divinity and is now pursuing new opportunities.

His new business, *True Success Insight*, provides presentations for businesses and their employees, leadership development and business consulting services.

Brian teaches people to use their minds more productively to become happier, healthier and more successful. He aids individuals to tap into the guidance of their subconscious mind through dreams, meditation and developing their intuition. He also teaches about universal laws and practical skills such as visualization, concentration and goal setting. The combination and development of these inner and outer skills brings out the true power of a persons whole mind.

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What is your name? Do you have any nicknames you would like to share?
My name is Brian Kraichely.

Where are you from and where is your current location?
I was born in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Springfield, Missouri to attend college. I ended up staying there until at age 45 I moved to the School of Metaphysics Headquarters on 1,500 beautiful acres in central Missouri. After 19 months of further training, I moved to the Chicago area where I have been for the last four and a half years.

How long have you been a practicing yogi? What does yoga mean to you?
I responded to an inner voice 11 years ago that told me I should practice yoga. I immediately began to have experiences that were beyond my understanding of reality. After nine months, I had a tremendous spiritual awakening, found the School of Metaphysics and began accelerated spiritual training. Yoga is the doorway that I passed through to a greater awareness of my Self and a greater reality.

Please define yoga, in your own terms:
Yoga means union. Yoga has aided me to connect my breath and body and to ground me in the present moment. To me yoga is the practice of meditation, daily spiritual practices and everything that I do that deepens my connection with my higher Self and God.

Where do you do your work? What do you enjoy most about it?
For the last nine years I have been teaching people about mind and consciousness through the School of Metaphysics. I recently started my own business, True Success InSight. I help people use their minds more productively to become happier, healthier and more successful. I offer motivational presentations on a variety of topics, leadership development and strategic business planning.

I enjoy empowering people to make positive changes in their lives.

What are your passions in life?
I embraced Tony Robbins concept of “Constant and never ending improvement” years ago. I am passionate about improving my Self; my environment and helping others make the improvements they desire.

I also love nature, hiking, biking, fishing and golf. I am very interested in all aspects of sustainability.

What can someone expect from your workshops?
People can expect to feel empowered, energized and to have fun. They will leave with practical tools that they can implement immediately to create greater levels of success in their lives.

Can you describe yourself in a few sentences? What makes you happy?
I am the happiest when I know that I have made a difference in someone’s life. My dharma is described as fulfillment and I experience it when I aid others to fulfill their soul desires.

Now, what is your message to the world?
We all have the power to reach our highest potential. As we begin to use our minds more productively, our dreams start to become reality. It is not magic. It is science. Anyone can learn to harness their mental powers and see positive results quickly.