Scott Hilburn

Scott Hilburn


Scott Hilburn is a very passionate, kind, ambitious and positive minded person – well rounded in experience as a professional filmmaker, entrepreneur, and as a Spiritual & Metaphysical teacher.  From an early age he learned how to be an entrepreneur by observing his grandfather.  Scott quickly learned about profitability and salesmanship by selling pencils in third grade, yo-yos in 6th grade, and while in high school, Scott opened a large gift shop at a flea market where he made custom lamps.

Scott is passionate for filmmaking and is very talented and relentless when it comes to being his best and striving to learn and improve.  Fifty percent of the time he freelances for production companies globally and the other half of the time is working under the company he founded called “Pranayama Productions” (founded in 2014).

It was in 2010 when his whole life changed. After several attempts to find happiness and fulfillment through physical things, he had an amazing spiritual awakening that lead him to study mind and consciousness for 6 years.  Since then, Scott has been teaching metaphysics and spirituality for 3 years.

Scott is very committed to his own enlightenment as well as serving humanity and aiding people to tap into their full potential.  After giving up his desire for filmmaking for spiritual growth, he received it back at  higher level.  He realized that film and video is the language of the modern masses and Scott’s ultimate goal is to create spiritual and inspirational films and documentaries that will stimulate people to tap into more of their full potential.

Scott is one of the co-founders of Satnaam Summit.

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What is your name? Do you have any nicknames you would like to share?
My name is Scott Hilburn.

Where are you from and where is your current location?
I was born in Texas and moved to Missouri to attend the College of Metaphysics to live on a 1500 acre sustainable farm with a Metaphysical & Spiritual Community. After completing a 19 month intensive metaphysical study, I moved to Chicago area for 3 years to began studying advance lessons in Metaphysics & spirality, then began teaching classes and directing a non-profit School Branch.

How long have you been a practicing yogi? What does yoga mean to you?
I had a spiritual awakening in 2010 that has aided me to embark upon an amazing journey and shifted my life focus to a much more fulfilling one that includes service to humanity. Yoga is something I thoroughly enjoy. However I think being a Yogi is more than yoga, it is a practice of being conscious, making conscious choices, learning from every moment and choosing to live spiritual consciousness on all levels!

Please define yoga, in your own terms:
Yoga means union or communion. Simply put connection! I experience great fulfillment when I connect deeper with myself, others, and the infinite. I do this through daily practice of concentration & meditation.

Where do you do your work? What do you enjoy most about it?
For the last six years I have been teaching people about mind and consciousness through the School of Metaphysics a 501c3 not-for-profit. If I have to a job I might as well do something I love and learn a lot from so I have applied metaphysics to live my dream job of being a professional filmmaker. Half of my work time goes to freelancing for production companies and projects across the country and soon to be internationally. The other 50 percent of my time I freelance for the business “Pranayama Productions” that I founded in 2013. We are a full service video & film production company. The ultimate mission with the company is to create inspirational video content that aides other people, companies, and organizations to reach higher levels and to support good work in the world that aides in the growth and empowerment of Humanity!

What are your passions in life?
I am a super passionate person in general. I love filmmaking so I have made it my job! I love serving people and aiding people to be empowered and to reach greater levels of success and fulfillment! I love meeting people, adventuring nature and cities, working on expansive projects with lots of potential.

What can someone expect from your workshops?
To leave inspired with an open mind to: infinite possibilities, to reach greater success and belief in their own personal power to make a difference, to be & do better, and to live the life they desire.

Can you describe yourself in a few sentences? What makes you happy?
I am a super passionate, kind, self-motivated, determined, resourceful, energetic, charismatic, focused person with a positive attitude and relentlessness to fulfilling desires.

Now, what is your message to the world?
There is so much more than we know, and anything is possible! We can change and we can understand our purpose in life! We all are important and have something to learn from the world and to give to the world. Each one of us had a tremendous power and influence inside that is literally patiently waiting for you tap into. True Freedom is INSIDE! When you find inside, you find it everywhere you look!